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Installing HTMLFrontEnd

In this tutorial you wil learn how to install HTMLFrontEnd.
As you will soon find out, it's a pretty straightforward procedure.


This tutorial implies that you have already installed MAME and the other emulators in your computer and copied all your roms and snapshots of your games.
Attention: You must have installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher (is preinstalled in Windows 7 SP1) to run HTMLFrontEnd. If not you can download IE10 from microsoft (it's free). You will also need SP1 (Service Pack 1)
Usefull downloads

1) HTMLFrontEnd This is only the executable browser.
2) The carousel HTML theme. HTMLFrontEnd comes with a default carousel640x480 resolution HTML theme (suitable for arcade machines with television sets). However you can enable the autozoom feature to fit your screen resolution.
3) (Windows only) For joystick/gamepad support download the javascript-joystick plugin
Installation on Windows (7, 8 and 8.1)

  • Step 1: HTMLFrontEnd does not require installation. Just download HTMLFrontEnd and unzip it in a directory of your choice.

    Note: You will find two files and one directory. The main executable is "HTMLFrontEnd.exe" and the settings file is "settings.ini"

  • Step 2: HTMLFrontEnd is html/css/javascript based FrontEnd. You need some html theme in order to use it. You can write your own html themes or you can download the default theme that comes with the program. Download the zip file (carousel640x480.zip) and extract it inside the directoy HTMLthemes.

    Note: It is important to save the theme inside HTMLthemes directory or it will not work.

    Make sure that inside the them directory are all the necessary html files

  • Step 3: Only for joystick/gamepad support. Download and install javascript-joystick plugin from this site: https://code.google.com/p/javascript-joystick (direct link: joystick-plugin).

    Select only the Internet Explorer component to install

    That's it! Now we can run the program without problems.

Created: 20/08/2013
Updated: 02/01/2015

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