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Welcome to the tree-dimensional world!

Picture3D is a utility which you create very fast your own three-dimensional pictures. You can view these pictures with the special 3D glasses. If you don't have such glasses donít be disappointed. There are instructions on how to build your own glasses with minimal cost (read below). The whole procedure is described in details inside the help file of the program too. It's extremely simple procedure with materials that you can easily find (if you donít have them already).


You will need two photos of the object in order to create a 3-dimensioned picture. One photo shooted with the camera at the left eye and the other at the right eye. Of course between the shoots, you must stand still. The most difficult part is to keep your camera at the same distance with the ground. A tripod can be very helpful. With a little bit practice you will have the desirable result.
Picture 3D (version 1.0) - Greek

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Download current version:

Compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows 9x (95, 98 and Me).
Windows XP (2000 and NT)
Windows Vista and 7
Instructions on how to build your own homemade 3D glasses

In order to build your own 3D glasses you will need the following materials:
  • A white cardboard
  • Red and blue cellophane
  • scissors
  • Paper glue


  1. Draw on the white cardboard the following shapes and cut them out around the outside black lines.

  2. Cut out the red and blue areas. This is were you are going to glue the cellophane.
  3. Cut the red cellophane little larger than the red area you cut out in the previous step and glue it to the back of the glasses to cover the eyeholes.
  4. Do the same with the blue cellophane. Glue it on the blue area you cut out before.
  5. Fold the flaps on the earpieces and glue them on the glasses like you see in the following picture:

Version History

In following list the changes between the different versions are recorded
  • Version 1.1 (current version)
  • An installation - uninstallation program has been added.
  • Add one left and one right sample picture to play around.
  • A help guide to build your own 3D glasses has been added.
  • The program is now translated to English.
  • Version 1.0
  • This is the first version.
Created: 25/05/2007
Updated: -

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