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With this program you can calculate easily and fast the optimum resistor ratio from values that already exist in the market, in order to achieve a given amplification factor.
The program gives you the ability to select some of the most common existing resistor series (E12, E24 and E96).


The program returns the resistor combination, based on the selected circuit, with the existing error (this error is the minimum error produced from all resistor combination cases).
Resistor calculator (version 1.1) - English

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Download current version:

Compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows 9x (95, 98 and Me)
Windows XP (2000 and NT)
Windows Vista and 7
Linux (under wine)
Version History

In following list the changes between the different versions are recorded
  • Version 1.1 (current version)
  • Bugs fixes.
  • Added support for E96 resistor series.
  • Added the ability to calculate the resistor combinations for three very well known topologies. The voltage divider, the inverting amplifier and the non-inverting amplifier.
  • Version 1.0
  • This was the first version.

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