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Writing programs the easy way!

BasAVRa Editor is an alternative IDE for programming Basic Stamp 2 (the famous microcontroller designed by parallax) and BasAVRa prototype boards (see BasAVRa LiTe project for more details).
BasAVRa Editor looks a lot like Basic Stamp Editor, so it will not be difficult using it. It highlights the code just like Basic Stamp Editor, it can open and handle more than one files simultaneously and, generally, it has all the characteristics a normal editor would have.
To program BasAVRa boards just click on the appropriate icon, on the tool bar, with the Bluetooth image on it. Automatically you will see the stamp directive changing, for example, from {$STAMP BS2} to {$BasAVRa LiTe}. This is all what you need to program BasAVRa boards. You can switch back to normal Basic Stamp 2 boards by clicking the appropriate icon, or by directly changing the stamp directive, in your code.


Even if you can use Basic Stamp Editor to program Basic Stamp 2, it's impossible to use it for programming BasAVRa boards. In this case you need BasAVRa Editor.

In order BasAVRa Editor to compile your PBasic code, you need to install the tokenizer library provided by parallax. Visit their website to download it (current version is 1.23).
Unzip the file and copy tokenizer.dll (you will find it in the windows directory inside the zip file) to the directory you installed BasAVRa Editor.

BasAVra Editor doesn't include a help file, but you can use the one provided with Basic Stamp Editor. Just copy the file "Pbasic.chm" (found in the directory where you installed Basic Stamp Editor) to the directory where you installed BasAVRa Editor.

Currently BasAVRa Editor supports only Basic stamp 2 and BasAVRa LiTe programming boards.

BasAVRa Editor (version 1.0) - English

(Screenshot) -> Click to download current version

Download current version:

Compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows 9x (95, 98 and Me)
Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT4
Windows Vista and Windows 7
Linux (under wine). Soon a native Linux version will be published
Version History

In following list the changes between the different versions are recorded
  • Version 1.0 (current version)
  • This is the first version.
Created: 10/05/2010
Updated: -

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