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The whole is bigger than the part!

FileSplinter is a reversion of an old program and of course it's used for exactly what its name implies. It can split big files into smaller ones in order to make easier their transfer with smaller mediums (e.g. floppy discs).
Of course with the arrival of CD - R, DVD - R and usb memory flash sticks, the program looks a little bit old and useless. But even today, we are many times in the unpleasant situation to split big files to smaller ones, in order to upload them on the internet.
The program creates a batch file (a file with the extension bat) and with it you recombine the pieces to the original file.


In order to reunite the parts to the initial file simply double click on the batch file (file extension *.bat) which the program created automatically.
FileSplinter (version 1.1) - Greek

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Download current version:

Compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows 9x (95, 98 and Me)
Windows XP (2000 and NT)
Windows Vista and 7
Version History

In following list the changes between the different versions are recorded
  • Version 1.1 (Final version)
  • Bug fixes.
  • This is the final version of the program. There will be no others in the future.
  • Version 1.0
  • This was the first version.
Created: 01/07/2005
Updated: -

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