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Homemadde AGM - Building the cabinet

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Design plans

Download the design plans from the following links. All designs were made with SketchUP by Google (verion 8). Download sketchUP from here: SketchUP
Note: You will not need the Pro version for these desings.
  1. This is maybe the most important schematic (2D). It shows the dimensions of the mdf sides and where each vertical chipboard is placed exactly.

    Download the SketchUP file: design_flat.skp

  2. This is the same file as the previous one, but it shows only the mdf side in 3D. It will help you cut the mdf boards to the desired shape.

    Download the SketchUP file: design_sides.skp

  3. This file is also important. It shows the basic structure of the cab in 3D. This file can help complete almost the whole cab. Few things are remaining reguarding woodworking, when you're done with this.

    Download the SketchUP file: design_cab_basic.skp

  4. This is the coin bucket. Width and depth were figured out by the plastic tapperware I am using to collect all the coins as seen in this picture: coin bucket. Feel free to change them according to your needs.

    Download the schematics for the coin bucket: coin bucket

    Download the SketchUP file: design_bucket.skp

  5. This is the coin pathway, meaning the path that coins follow in order to fall into the bucket. It's a very important equipment because it prevents the coins to "fly around" inside the machine.

    Download the schematics for the coin pathway: coin pathway

    Download the SketchUP file: design_pathway.skp

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Created: 19/03/2013
Updated: 23/03/2013

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