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If you want to learn all those things they are not teaching you then you are at the right place. Here you will find various information about the technology and science in ancient Greece. You will read about famous paradoxes that torture human mind until now and finally you will read various articles on interesting subjects.


All information you will find in this category has been gathered, studied, enriched and written with great effort but with interest and care. In every case all the sources are written, in order to confirm them.


Ancient technology

If you think that in ancient times the only presented sciences were mathematics and philosophy, then you must visit this category.
  • Heron's movable automats. The concept of programming



In this category there are programs which expand the possibilities of your system.
  • Aristarchos and the distance of the stars
  • Thalis and the height of pyramids
  • Eratosthenes and Earth's circumference measurement



In logic terms a paradox is any sentence with unacceptable logical conclusions. In most cases paradoxes are simply sophisms. Although there are some exceptions.
  • Epimenidis paradox



In this category you will find articles about music, that even the musicians do not know.
  • The modern music scale



Here you will find interesting articles that are not related to any of the previous categories.


Attention: Not all articles have been translated yet.
Refer to the Greek page to see the articles

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