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In this category you will find some of the completed programs I have created all of these years I am working on computer programming.
Some of the programs are open source which means you can download the source code also. You can modify the code to cover your own needs freely.
All of these programs have zero cost and you can download them for free (freeware).


All programs were tested under the environment of Windows or even Linux. However I am not responsible for any problem that may occur in your computer. You can download them only if you take full responsibility.



We all need some time to relax. Playing a game with the computer is everything we need.



In this category there are programs which expand the possibilities of your system.



You can't have a PC without music or video. Personally I love doing my work with the computer hearing music at the same time.



Programmers are a tools we need in order to program microcontrollers, memories etc.



Here you can find some programs that are not related to any of the previous categories.


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