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In this site you will find some of the projects I have made in order to cover the needs of my lab, or just for fun. Of course this is not my complete work as it is impossible to upload them all. Feel free to look around. Perhaps, something is suitable for you too. Everything here is free of charge.


All projects here are tested for good operation under the conditions they designed for. Some of them are dangerous, as they are dealing with harmful radiation or high voltage. You can build them only if you take full responsibility.


We design anything we build. This is the climax of creation. Our device will operate exactly as we thought.
  • A simple designing procedure of active Butterworth filters
  • Stepper motor bipolar driver... close up
  • Design a synchronous digital multiplier
  • Design a common emitter amplifier


Converters are circuits that can convert information from one form to another, or from one communication protocol to another (e.g. from USB to RS232).


Here you will find interesting circuits about the audio signal.


Here you will find interesting circuits about the video signal.


Power supplies and chargers
In this category some chargers and power supplies are presented.
  • Nothing uploaded yet


Nothing more to say. Build and program your own robot.


Measurement and control
Here you will find some of the simple measuring instruments that an electronic engineer uses, in order to test or control his circuits.


With sensors your project (e.g. robot) will be able to communicate with the surrounding environment.


Transmitters and Receivers
Various circuits about wireless transmission of information (e.g. infrared, RF etc).
  • Universal IR Transmitter - The device


Programmer is a circuit that we use so as to program integrated circuits such as microcontrollers, memories, etc.


Here you can find some projects and ideas that are not related to any of the previous categories.
  •  Homemade arcade machine (uncompleted article)
  • Starting your PC from the serial port
  • UV Eraser
  • A strange motor
  • Games to Basic's Stamp II Debug Terminal


Attention: Not all articles have been translated yet.
Refer to the Greek page to see the articles

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