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Total disaster!

Four days before the fire in Peloponnesus, I was with my whole family in my mother's homestead. Today nothing has remained but ashes. A total disaster! The house was over one hundred years old and survived from the two world wars. It survived the earthquake in 1965 too, where almost the entire village of Tripotamos was ruined. However a single fire was enough to destroy it completely and that was because the unorganized Greek state couldn't protect this small part of Greek history.

Now the least I can do is to maintain the memory of this house where I spent my childhood and my youth. No amount of money can replace it's emotional value. The destruction of the house was a great loss for my family.


In the following videos you can see the extent of the distruction:
Outside area
Inside area





Photographs before and after the fire. Total disaster!


In August of 2007 70 people lost their lives from the fires in Peloponnesus and in Evia. Beyond the human losses, thousand of acres of forest were burned and many houses were destroyed. Among them, was my motherís homestead in Tripotamos of Arcadia (the village is 10 Km away from Megalopoli). It was a historical house over one 100 years old. It survived from the two world wars. In 1940 the Germans turned it into a hospital. After few years the royal service used it as a general office, for the reconstruction of the region. It was also one of the few houses which survived the major earthquake that destroyed almost the entire village. Unfortunately this summer the house didnít make it, since there were neither ladder trucks nor firemen to defend the village from the flames. Tripotamos belongs to the municipality of Megalopoli, which is responsible for the village destruction, since it didnít send the fire brigade to none of the villages that belong to it. The municipality of Megalopoli was only interested in saving the town itself and nothing else did matter for the local authorities. The municipality collects of course each time the taxes but without protecting its villages when it is needed. But what more to expect from a municipality which doesnít even care for its ancient theatre and has turned out Alfeios River to a drainage ?

Unfortunately the house will not be rebuilt and every historical heirloom is now turned into ashes.

Created: 30/08/2007
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